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The Six Supporting Policies are Unique in Nature

The strong support of Renhui Medical Services enables you to stand firm in the competition


1.pngChannel protection

1. Zhengzhou Renhui Medical Co-operation Partners to Protect Responsible Areas

2.pngReproductive Medicine Knowledge Training Support

2. To assist in further study in the departments of cooperative hospitals, priority should be given to participating in the "Reproductive Medicine Seminar of Integrative Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine" sponsored by Henan Physicians Association and Henan Charity Federation.


3.pngAcademic support

3. Professionals explain products, visit regularly, hold academic exchanges and academic tourism salons regularly.Coordination of national and provincial expert free clinic activities.


4.pngSales Support

4.With customer demand as the center, diversified sales model to help, and strive to achieve a win-win situation.


5.pngAfter-sales support

5.Replacing the old with the new, providing extended warranty cards and professional team services to replace the old with the new.


6.pngAdvocacy support

6.Strong network, media to brand promotion.

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